Webshop on Magento 2 Cloud

Task: Magento webshop redesign

Darscrubs provides medical scrubs and accessories to doctors, nurses, and other professionals in the healthcare industry. Taking that into account we came to the conclusion that a webshop should be fast, easy to use, coherent, and user-friendly. That’s why one of our main focuses was to create a better user experience and increase the conversion as well as to improve SEO.

Result: New design and new features were successfully implemented in the short term. Our team continues to work on various improvements and support.

The functionality we worked on includes:
  • Custom theme with UI/UX Design
  • Matching products feature which allows improving the sales by suggesting the matching sets based on the configurable products attributes (e.g. Type, Brand, Gender etc.)
  • Simple and fast custom infinityScroll module for the product catalog
  • Module for CMS content import/export between environments
  • Module for automatic LazyLoad of images
  • Custom Checkout Design
The work was split into several stages:
  • Analytics of the old project
  • Drawing UI/UX Design
  • Developing the Theme and Modules
  • Optimization of the existing modules, scripts, and styles
Project Team:
  • Project Manager
  • Tech Lead
  • SEO analytic
  • 2 Backend Developers
  • 1 Frontend Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • UX/UI Designer