Webshop on Magento 2 Cloud

Task: Magento webshop redesign

Darscrubs provides medical scrubs and accessories to doctors, nurses, and other professionals in the healthcare industry. Taking that into account we came to the conclusion that a webshop should be fast, easy to use, coherent, and user-friendly. That’s why one of our main focuses was to create a better user experience and increase the conversion as well as to improve SEO.

Result: New design and new features were successfully implemented in the short term. Our team continues to work on various improvements and support.

B2B Marketplace on Magento 2

Website: https://atalis.io/

Task: B2B marketplace development

We were faced with the task of creating in a short time a trading platform that could unite sellers and buyers from all over the world. The requirements were analyzed, a unique design was developed, ready-made solutions were researched and a strategy for the project development was drawn up.

Result: The project has been successfully launched and is running. We continue to work on various improvements and support.

Webshop on Magento 2

Website: https://wallpapershop.gr/

Task: Magento webshop redesign

The client represents the largest Greek store of interior products which puts quality and a customer-oriented approach first. That’s why our main goal was to create a webshop that could meet the special requirements of each customer and allow every person who visits it to get complete solutions of high aesthetics and standard.

Result: The webshop was successfully launched and it was designed to be fast, easy to navigate, user-friendly, and secure. The client was satisfied with the custom designs, the way the product page represents the general overview of the assortment, and the fact that the variety of payment methods makes the user experience even more efficient. It has been a long-term relationship that became the key to the success of the online business.