B2B Marketplace on Magento 2

Website: https://atalis.io/

Task: B2B marketplace development

We were faced with the task of creating in a short time a trading platform that could unite sellers and buyers from all over the world. The requirements were analyzed, a unique design was developed, ready-made solutions were researched and a strategy for the project development was drawn up.

Result: The project has been successfully launched and is running. We continue to work on various improvements and support.

https://atalis.io/ – is a trading platform that provides the digital commerce infrastructure and tools for legitimate businesses and allows transactions between verified sellers and verified buyers.

The functionality we worked on includes:

  • Individual shipping methods configured through the Seller control panel
  • Splitting the total order into separate orders for each seller
  • A calculator that helps to determine cost and delivery time
  • Support for a large number of concurrent users
  • Improvements of Avatax module: the calculation of taxes can be done for each product separately, even if the sellers for the same order are located in different countries
  • Integration with various payment systems, such as Viva, Utrust, Ecospend
  • Ability to charge different fees for each payment method
  • Convenient Seller control panel used for orders, goods, deliveries and payments management
  • Unique design

Project Team:

  • Project Manager
  • Tech Lead
  • 3 Backend Developers
  • 3 Frontend Developers
  • QA Engineer